About us

Nibi Pho Bistro is a specialty Vietnamese food restaurant, we served the traditional Vietnamese noodle soup called PHO and other authentic vermicelli dishes, rice dishes and rolls.

Nibi Pho Bistro was founded in 2009 by the Nguyen Family with a simple but rather brilliant concept of bringing home cook meals to the market place. We have strictly followed our business model of fresh and tasty food, excellent service, simple menu and reasonable price.

Attached is our menu, with all the delicious dishes being offered, we believe we will bring a much better choice of food to your Mall thus giving the Mall patrons and employees greater pleasure when it comes to meal time or just simply a delicious snack of eggrolls or spring rolls
On the go.

We used the same ingredients and the same recipes as we cooked as home, no commercialized recipes was used and no preservatives or MFG added, by saying fresh, we mean meat is freshly seasoned daily and grilled in front of customers as soon as they ordered and as the result, the freshness taste would just explode in their mouth on the first byte.

Although the first of many Nibi Pho Bistro locations locates in the Citadel Outlet mall of Los Angeles but our goal was to make us a destination rather than a convenient and we have accomplished our goal when hearing so many of our customers said just that. They confessed to us that they came to the mall to have our food first then maybe some shopping later. There were customers who came to us from all over the world and vowed that they must eat our signature PHO dish every time when they come back to the US next time and they did. There were customers who came to LA for business from other states, after eating at NiBi every day during their stay, they told us they were so sad going home because “I know I can not find this good of the PHO where I live, this is sooo good”.